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Steppin Across the USA Newspaper 2nd Edition

It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was excited about the release of the first issue. Days and weeks flew by before the next issue was due, Again! Have you viewed the electronic newspaper written with the steppin community in mind? stay tune as editors from midwest to down south, up the atlantic to the pacific coast keep steppers AWARE OF with what is hot or not SO HOT in steppin. I.E. dance etiquette, and more! you can checkout the dj corner, legends, contest participants and perhaps a piece written about someone you stepped with last night.

follow the new electronic steppin newspaper on the website: monthly highlights from the paper will also be featured in my blogs regarding thE LATEST SCOOP OR INFORMATION THAT BENEFITS STEPPERS no matter the age or occupation. WATCH OUT MY STEPPER'S ALERT ON FB AND GOING FORWARD TO MEMBERS ON THIS WEBSITE for up-to-date interviews/ MUSIC/ ETC...

if you want to learn how to step you must punch fear in the face---START.

IN MY CORNER of the world COMING BACK TO THE STAGE IS THE "SHADE'S OF SUMMER" hosted by the lovely michele green and dj love aka jerry williams of the authentic steppers of connecticut. the event is happening august 9-11 2019, in the sexy cit of stamford, ct. call 1-800-586-7259 FOR GENERAL INFORMATION.

ms.sonia is Signing off WITH XOXO ON A 19 DEGREES DAY-AFTER THANKSGIVING. get ya step on!

Greater Boston Steppin Community in attendance of the 2017 "Shades of Summer" White & Gold Event

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