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Dance Urban Steppin Weekend

Don't just ask me, ask someone else who attended. A weekend full of acceptance, learning and sharing for 3 days from beginners to experienced steppers. Our visiting guest instructors from Atlanta and Chicago left an impression on most attendees. Our out-of-state guest steppers from the Atlantic Region came in from Philly- Sharon Saulters, Jersey - Keisha Sutton and Wayne Sellers, NY - Charisse & Roosevelt, Harvey Banner & Family, Ann Smith. Memphis - Princeton, CT - Janette Jennings & Hartford City Steppers, RI - Penny Pina, Chicago- Hank & Beverly Watson, W. Cruse, Yvette O'Donnell, & LC Henderson and from Atlanta- Sarah Teagle to recall a few to support the efforts of MsSonia, Urban Dancer and Hostess of the weekend. Nonetheless, MsSonia thanked her DivaTeam on staff all weekend Assistant Divas Jean, Karen, Kim, Cheri & Lenore, Lynn, LadyB. Laurlene also provided additional hospitality

Special thanks went out to Ralph Allen who pulled triple duty with Recruiting Guest, Hospitality, Transportation and providing a location for Private Lessons. The audio/sound was on point with MixMaster Rudy Dottin, with DJs Hank & LC kept the steppers on the floor. MsSonia also thanked everyone who encouraged her every step along the way especially Scott, Tracy, and Kathleen. It was not a blowout with a line out the door but an unbelievable, fun-filled Stepper's Experience held in the City of Boston-Quincy for the attendees. For highlights and upcoming Steppin events visit or check out the 10/20 Online Edition of the BayState Banner pg 11. Look for updates of when when the instructional team returns to Boston for Workshops in 2018.

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