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The Clock Strikes Twelve

Good afternoon Ms Sonia,

Yes, I did make it to the event and what a wonderful, soul filled, grown and sexy time I had, I'm still talking about it. As soon as I walked in and was at the table giving Kim my tickets, I did a survey of the room....

my jaw dropped and my spirit was fed, not by a spoon but by a shovel. A shovel full of pure love and it was all up in the air.

I have attended many events, but this one was on a whole other level. A level of maturity, class, sophistication and love, most of what the venues in Boston just don't have. And let's not talk about the music!!! What's typically played in places, my ears and my soul was just overjoyed listening to REAL music, what I grew up on and then watching the sweet and smooth Steppers do their thing. Amazing!!!

I truly did not want the night to end.

I did not have the pleasure of meeting you but I'm looking forward to November 11th as well as taking classes, so our paths will cross. I will be sure to introduce myself.

Have a blessed day